Sprites as of TPPC Version 8
Sprite-N492G Sprite-S492G Sprite-D492G Sprite-G492G

Shaymin is the pokemon of gratitude. It makes more flowers when someone near has gratitude for someone else. When pollen from a gracedia flower goes into a shaymins nose it transforms into the sky form. Shaymin is a rare pokemon though there are more then one. In land form Shaymin is shy and easily scared. But in sky form Shaymin is braver and more adventurous. in land form Shaymin has natural cure and in sky form its serene grace

Obtaining one in TPPCEdit

Current Status: Normal: Obtainable, Shiny: Unreleased, Dark: Unreleased, Golden: Unreleased

Normal As of Version 8, the Normal version of Shaymin can be found on any maps while the Item Gracidea is attached to your first Pokemon in your party.
Shiny ShinyShaymin is not released yet as of Version 8.
Dark DarkShaymin is not released yet as of Version 8.
Golden GoldenShaymin is not released yet as of Version 8.

Shaymin's Sky FormEdit

Sprites as of TPPC Version 8
Sprite-N492-1G Sprite-S492-1G Sprite-D492-1G Sprite-G492-1G

Like in the official game series, the Sky form of Shaymin is also available in TPPC. By having the Item Gracidea attached to Shaymin then battling the Evolution Gym, Shaymin can evolve to its Sky Form.