Private Messaging in the Forums Edit

Inside TPPC's Trainer's Corner, you can choose to send an other player a Private Message, or PM. Sending it to another player allows you to talk to them private, unlike in the forums where, once you post, everyone can see what you posted. To send a pm on TPPC you can go to the Trainer's Corner' main page and scroll down until you see Private Messages and click on it. Once there you can send a message to another player by typing in their number and the subect related to your message.

Negative Things about Pms Edit

If you are a good enough player on TPPC, you have a chance of getting spam in your or request for trades in where you are getting ripped off. Yes you can delete this type of mail without even looking at it, but it does get annoying from time to time. When this happents, you can use the block sender option, meaning you will not get any more PM's from him/her.

If a mod, s. mod, or Shrimpy get any of the types of mail listed, they have the choice of banning the person, though the mods are not cruel enough to do this. They will always give a warning, unless this is not the person's first time doing this, or many people have reported this person before.