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A posting account is an account used primarily for posting in the Trainer's Corner. There are less Posting accounts than Storage Accounts in TPPC, mostly because there isn't a great need for many trainers to own one.


There are two main reasons for having a posting account.

  • A trainer's normal account is Trainer's Corner Banned
  • A trainer does not want their normal account to become banned.

For the first, a trainer might be a legitimate player, follow all the rules, etc. but at one point in time slipped and got themselves Trainer corner banned. This can happen from time to time. If so, they still control their normal account, can still play TPPC like usual, they just can't post. If so, a TC account can come in handy for use in forums, while they continue to utilize their normal account features.

For the latter, it can be used when a trainer posts in such a way that could get them banned, so to avoid that risk, they create an account for which if it was banned, it would be no loss to the player.

Normal posting Account featuresEdit

When creating a posting account, a player usually considers several things.

  • Their name:

Most players will want themselves to be able to to be recognized by others as their normal account. The easiest way to do so is to have your name be the exact same, but just add TC or Posting Account to the end. Ex: Joe12398 becomes Joe12398TC.

Though not a mojor concern for all, it is still something to think about. Having Squirtle Trainer under your name can sometimes give the impression that the player is a n00b. Players can consider what Pokemon they would like displayed under their name, determining how other players view them.

  • Their Signature:

A majority of Posting Account signatures include several things, including who the account is for, what number the normal account is, and possibly a link to either that account's box, or something else that can make themselves easily recognizable as that person.


A problem which arises from posting accounts is that it gives an innacurate number of accounts. Though there are currently 700,000 accounts, it is a misconception to say that there are 700,000 users. A more accurate guess would be 400,000 which assumes 3/7 people have a posting account, or at least have created two accounts.

Secondly, a trainer could impersonate another person by creating a Posting Account claiming to be that person. Ex: Bob12398 could create an account-Joe12398TC and claim to be Joe12398. That could cause severe conflicts.