Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 時の探検隊, Pokémon Fushigi no Danjon Toki no Tankentai?, lit. "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Time Exploration Team") and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 闇の探検隊, Pokémon Fushigi no Danjon Yami no Tankentai?, lit. "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Darkness Exploration Team") are a matched pair of Pokémon games for the Nintendo DS. The two games were released in Japan on September 13, 2007, and were released in North America on April 20, 2008.[1]. They will be released in Europe on July 04, 2008.[2].

A 21-minute TV special based on the game starring Kurumi Mamiya aired in Japan on September 9, 2007 as a content of the program relating Pokémon, "Pokémon Sunday" produced by TV Tokyo Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Explorers of Darkness

North American box arts Developer(s) Chunsoft Publisher(s) Nintendo Platform(s) Nintendo DS Release date JP September 13, 2007 NA April 20, 2008[1]

EU July 04, 2008[2] Genre(s) Dungeon RPG Mode(s) Single player Rating(s) CERO: A ESRB: E Media Nintendo DS Game Card Input methods D-Pad, buttons, touchscreen


Developer(s) Chunsoft Publisher(s) Nintendo Platform(s) Nintendo DS Release date JP September 13, 2007 NA April 20, 2008[1]

EU July 04, 2008[2] Genre(s) Dungeon RPG Mode(s) Single player Rating(s) CERO: A ESRB: E Media Nintendo DS Game Card Input methods D-Pad, buttons, touchscreen

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[edit] Gameplay

As with before, the player takes on the role of a human who has been turned into a Pokémon, whose type is determined by a personality test. A partner Pokémon is also selected who will henceforth be referred to as "the partner". Unlike Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team, the gender does not restrict the available selection of Pokémons for either the player or the partner, though the player and partner may not be of the same type. Any of the 12 starter Pokémon or Pikachu from the main games may be chosen as either the player or partner. In addition the player may also be a Skitty, Munchlax, and Meowth.

Though the basic gameplay is unchanged from Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team - players may use Treasure Town to link moves, save money, buy items, and store items, or to train in a special "maze" level (although the Pokémon running them have changed). Players will enter dungeons to complete missions, and during exploration they will encounter hostile Pokémon. During the story portion, the game will end with defeat if either the player character or the partner character runs out of health. Like previous installments, players may send out an SOS if they are defeated in the dungeon (certain dungeons will not permit this), which can be done either using passwords or DS Wireless Communications as before, but also (new to Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness) through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Players may also choose to be notified of friends in need of rescue by email or through the Wii Message Board. New to this series will be the option to temporarily send a team member to aid a friend who is in need, this`allows a team to have more than four members. Defeated teams awaiting rescue may also engage in a "standby adventure" mode in which players may revisit previous dungeons to raise funds and collect items, but without the ability to level up.

Among new items introduced are treasure boxes, which require money to be opened and may contain rare items. Rare items, however, may only affect certain Pokémon. They can also be used to trade for rarer and more valuable items using another shop. New items are also introduced to account for new evolution methods which do not translate well from the main series to Mystery Dungeon (such as Probopass, Magnezone, Leafeon, or Glaceon). Pokémon eggs have been introduced to Mystery Dungeon, where the newly-hatched Pokémon will join the player's team. Finally, "Friend Areas" from Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team have been eliminated in favor of a more streamlined team management process.

Like previous installments, some Pokémon will be exclusive to one version, although they may be unlocked on the other version through the exchange of Wonder Mail codes. Celebi, Combee, Lucario, Pachirisu, and Riolu are exclusive to Explorers of Time, while Burmy, Buneary, Lopunny, Mewtwo, and Rotom are exclusive to Explorers of Darkness. 491 of the 493 Pokémon from the fourth-generation of Pokémon games will be available[3]; Shaymin and Arceus had not been officially revealed at the time of the Japanese release.

The story was promised to be even more developed than its predecessor, as the issue of a thin relationship between the player and his or her partner was taken into serious consideration.

New to the Mystery Dungeon series are various minigames such as having to identify Pokémon by their footprint.

[edit] Plot

The story begins with the player having been washed ashore by a storm. Meanwhile, the partner is nervous about joining the Wigglytuff Guild, a local exploration club, and gives up early. Walking along the beach, the partner encounters the player, and informs that the player has been turned into a Pokémon. After a brief exchange, the partner explains their motivation for joining the guild the partner loves legends and lore, and his life dream is to find what his personal treasure, the Relic Fragment, belongs to. Before the partner explains further, the Relic Fragment is stolen by Zubat and Koffing, members of Team Skull, which the player helps recover. The partner, reinvigorated by the player's courage, joins the Guild as a new team with the player.

Over the next few days, the team gets accustomed to life at the Guild and the nearby Treasure Town. Among the folks they meet are Wigglytuff, the kindhearted Guild Leader, Chatot, the hot-tempered yet well-meaning second-in-command, Bidoof, the newest recruit prior to the team joining, the Guild chef Chimecho (also in charge of maintaining the team), Diglett and Loudred, the Guild sentries, Dugtrio, maintainers of the job boards, Magnezone, the local sheriff, and other exploration teams. As they are introduced to the Guild, they learn of the fact that rogue Pokémon have been wreaking havoc in the world due to the disruption of time, Pokémon cannot evolve, and new "Mystery Dungeons" have been revealed and open to exploration. The player discovers not too long after that he/she has the ability to spontaneously see things in the past and future.

[edit] The Legend of the Time Gears

One stormy night, The partner finds the player and tells the player of the story of the Time Gears, the artifacts that all Pokémon are to avoid lest time stand still. When a Time Gear is stolen, time in that area is frozen. Despite this, a mysterious thief, Grovyle, is stealing the Time Gears.

One day, the player and partner, along with the Guild and Team Skull (as special guests), make an expedition to a location called Fogbound Lake, a lake seemingly covered in fog. Arriving there, the player recalls the place as being familiar, but cannot ascertain as to why. The partner finds a strange rock, which is later inserted into a statue of Groudon. They head towards the top, only to find Groudon. After defeating him, he vanishes. At the top, they find the Lake Guardian Uxie, who is said to be able to erase the memories of all who arrive there. Uxie explains he used his powers to create the Groudon illusion. The Guildmaster arrives shortly after, and "befriends" the Groudon illusion. It also shows that Wigglytuff has defeated team Skull rather easily. The rest of the guild arrives after this. Uxie does not trust the Guild, fearing that they may take the Time Gear at the center of the lake, hence the reason for erasing the memories. However, after an appeal from the partner, the Guild earn's Uxie's trust, and Uxie decides not to erase the memories of the Guild or the lake's treasure.At this point, the expedition is over, and everyone goes back to the guild.

Returning home, they meet a famous explorer named Dusknoir, who explains that the player's ability to see through time is called the Dimensional Scream. Asking Dusknoir how the player had arrived in their condition, they surprisingly get no results. Nevertheless, Dusknoir offers their help in uncovering the secret behind the player's transformation. Just then, however, the Guild reports that the Time Gear from Fogbound Lake has been stolen, and an all-points bulletin has been posted for the arrest of Grovyle. As a result, Wigglytuff has the Guild focus their energies on bringing Grovyle to justice, to which Dusknoir also offers his assistance. The Guild splits up to look for the other Time Gears, while the player's team eventually discovers an underground lake beneath the Northern Desert, which is home to a Time Gear. The Time Gear is guarded over by Mesprit, which the team defeats. Just as the partner explains that they are not there to steal the Time Gear, Grovyle appears. Grovyle easily dispatches the team and the weakened Mesprit, and steals the Time Gear. Fortunately, the team and Mesprit manages to escape before they are frozen in time.

Back at the guild, the failure of the team to stop Grovyle meant that there are no leads to his next location. However, Dusknoir determines that, as Uxie is the being of knowledge, and Mesprit is the being of emotion, thus Azelf, the being of willpower, is likely to be guarding another Time Gear. Dusknoir further explains that as Uxie and Mesprit were encountered in lakes, Azelf is also likely to be found in a lake area. Hoping to find a lead, Dusknoir asks the player to touch a treasure that Bidoof made off with at Crystal Cave, in order to trigger a Dimensional Scream. Indeed, after touching it, the player sees a vision where Azelf is defeated at the hands of Grovyle. However, Chimecho is unsure - because the Dimensional Scream cannot tell the difference between past and future, Grovyle may have already made off with the Time Gear. Dusknoir remains confident that it is of the future, as the partner had never heard Azelf's name before Dusknoir had mentioned it. Because there is a chance that the Dimensional Scream is describing the future, the Guild decides to have all hands search the cave. The team arrives at the lake in the middle of the cave, where they find Azelf about to be defeated by Grovyle. However, just as Grovyle is about to steal the Time Gear, Azelf activates a fail-safe trap. The trap covers the lake in crystals, preventing Grovyle from going underwater and getting the Time Gear. This does not deter Grovyle, and the team is knocked unconscious and the partner is badly wounded. Before Grovyle can finish the partner off, Dusknoir appears. The team discovers that Dusknoir and Grovyle have been long acquainted, but before they can delve any further, Grovyle makes his getaway. Just then, the Guild finds the team, and cart them back to headquarters.

Some time later, the team reawaken back at headquarters. The partner recalls the exchange between Dusknoir and Grovyle, and the information is shared with the Guild and Azelf. Just then, the Guild's emergency alarm sounds, requiring everyone to be in attendance at a town meeting. In town, they find Dusknoir, who reminds everyone that Grovyle is still at large. Dusknoir further reveals that Grovyle is a Pokémon from the future - there, Grovyle was a criminal, who fled to the past to avoid being captured. He plots to steal the Time Gears, which in turn would freeze the world in time, thus causing the planet's paralysis. Water would not flow, the sun would not rise, the seasons would not change, and darkness would cover the world. When Corphish is curious as to why Dusknoir knows all of this, Dusknoir reveals that he, too, is from the future, sent back in time to capture Grovyle and bring him to justice. The Guild and townsfolk all agree to help Dusknoir stop Grovyle. Azelf has a plan to trap Grovyle - as the Time Gear in Crystal Lake still remains, they are certain that Grovyle will return for it. In order to lure Grovyle, the townsfolk spread a false rumor that the lake trio will try to seal the Time Gear away permanently, while the trio will be defending the Time Gear, awaiting the moment to make the jump on Grovyle. Although everyone wants to help, Dusknoir insists on doing so alone as to avoid suspicion.

Some days later, a report from Magnezone arrives, indicating that Grovyle has been captured, and that Dusknoir plans to take Grovyle back to the future to face justice. To do so, Dusknoir has opened a Dimensional Hole in the middle of town square. In town, the townsfolk find the Dimensional Hole, but no sign of Dusknoir. As the lake trio explain to the partner that the Time Gears were recovered and were returned, Dusknoir appears with Grovyle and two Sableye guards. As Grovyle is carted off into the Dimensional Hole, Dusknoir gives his farewell. But before he steps through the portal, he asks the player's team to step forward. When they do, he suddently grabs the team and drags them into the portal. Before the townsfolk can give chase, the Dimensional Hole closes.

[edit] Escape From the Future

The player is waken up by the partner, who reveals that they have been locked in a cell. Just then, they encounter their guards - a group of Sableye. The Sableye blindfold them and take them to another room, where they find themselves bound to a pole, awaiting execution. Along with the two is Grovyle, also tied up. Dusknoir appears, giving the orders to the Sableye to execute the three. Grovyle convinces the team to cooperate - luring the Sableye to attack the ropes tying them to the stake may allow the three to escape. Fortunately, the ropes break free, and the three overwhelm the Sableye. This allows Grovyle to use a Luminous Orb, and take the team to safety. Back outside, Grovyle reveals that they are indeed in the future, but despite the Lake Trio saying the Time Gears were returned, the planet has been paralyzed.

Continuing to elude the Sableye, the partner loses confidence on whether they will ever return home. The player than proposes to the partner to catch up to the Grovyle, and see how he had travelled back to the past in the first place. They eventually catch up to Grovyle, and save him from the Spiritomb who had knocked him out earlier. Though Grovyle is reluctant to help them (because the partner still does not trust him), he proceeds to tell his side of the story. The world's paralysis dated back to the present day, with the collapse of the Temporal Tower, governed by Dialga, the legendary Pokémon that controls time. When the tower collapsed, Dialga lost control of time, and it too lost all control. Dialga has turned berserk, becoming Primal Dialga. Seeking only self-preservation, Primal Dialga tries to prevent history from changing, and hence its need to exterminate Grovyle and the team. The partner is visibly shocked by this revelation - and even more so when Grovyle reveals that he collected the Time Gears to prevent the tower from collapsing. Grovyle continues, claiming that the time stop by the removal of the Time Gears is merely temporary - the area affected would restart once the gears were placed in Temporal Tower. Grovyle then further revealed that Dusknoir is an agent of Primal Dialga sent to stop him and the team, and had everyone in the past played for fools.

Though the partner does not believe Grovyle, the player believes that Grovyle's assertions are reasonable, and that the partner cannot seem to accept the truth. Grovyle leaves to find Celebi, the time-travelling Pokémon, to start his mission anew. Although the player is determined to follow Grovyle, the partner is more reluctant. Nevertheless, the partner agrees to follow, if only to find a way to return to the present. The group eventually manages to find Celebi, who finds some interest in the player. Celebi leads the group to the Passage of Time - a secret corridor spanning multiple dimensions. However, before they can go through the passage, they are stopped by Dusknoir and the Sableye, who had caught up to them. Surrounded, the group has no choice but to overpower Dusknoir and the Sableye. However, when Primal Dialga appears, Grovyle, believing that they are outmatched, has no choice but to surrender. He contends that at least hope will remain, for he had not time travelled alone before. When he first travelled back to the past, he and his partner had been separated. Dusknoir, however, believes otherwise, and forces Grovyle to tell the name of his partner - the player. The partner is surprised at this revelation - and Grovyle and Celebi are even more surprised that the player is standing with them. Grovyle refuses to believe that the player has been turned into a Pokémon, but Dusknoir had planned to eliminate the player and Grovyle, and had merely befriended the team and the Guild so as to destroy them all in one shot.

The partner is shocked by the revelation, partly because at one point he had idolized Dusknoir, and partly from sticking with the player. The partner has a plan to elude the Dusknoir and Sableye - all that is needed is to have Celebi teleport them closer to the Passage. Although Celebi recognizes that Dialga could detect them, Celebi agrees to the partner's idea. They fail to escape Dusknoir, but they get to the Passage. Celebi implores the rest of the group to leave though the Passage, leaving Dusknoir to herself. Celebi manages to elude capture as the group returns back to the present.

[edit] Racing the Clock

Arriving back to the present, the partner explains that the beach that they are in was where the player was first found. However, before the partner can lead Grovyle back to the Guild to plan their next move, he reminds them that in the present time, Grovyle is a criminal. The partner, seeing the complications this may cause, instead takes the player and Grovyle to a cliff known as Sharpedo Bluff (named as the cliff is in the shape of a Sharpedo), which was the home of the partner prior to joining the Guild. That night, Grovyle explains to the partner the common history between himself and the player. The player and Grovyle had been a formidable team investigating the planet's paralysis. The player had the ability to perform the Dimensional Scream, but only in the presence of a trusted partner. Grovyle further explains that the Dimensional Scream is set off by triggers tied to places where Time Gears were hidden. The partner realizes that the player had a lot of trust in them, largely due to having witnessed the Dimensional Scream. However, the partner also realizes that perhaps Dimensional Screams had worked differently in the past, as the player had experienced them in incidents unrelated to Time Gears. In any event, the three quickly agree to plot a new plan to take the Time Gears. Later, the partner shares his/her story of the Relic Fragment with Grovyle. Grovyle and the partner agree that the player has a connection to the both of them - the player had made each of them stronger. The trio redoubles their efforts to retake the Time Gears, starting with the one in Treeshroud Forest, where Grovyle had found the one unguarded. However, after arriving there, they find that, despite the presence of the Time Gear, time has stopped - a sign that Temporal Tower is starting to collapse.

That night, back at Sharpedo Bluff, the partner reveals, after a fact-finding mission, that time in other places is also stopped, despite the return of the Time Gears. It appears that the only way to restore time is to take the Time Gears to Temporal Tower. This is easier said than done, though; the Tower is located in the Hidden Land, and no one knows where the Hidden Land is. Desperate, and running out of options and time, the player convinces the partner to return back to the Guild. The Guild is surprised to find that the team has returned, but is more surprised when the team reveals their story. The Guild, though shocked at the revelations brought forth by the team, agrees to help retrieve the Time Gears, and tells the lake trio to allow Grovyle to reclaim the ones they guard. The team is recommended by Wigglytuff to see Torkoal, the town elder, for advice on finding the Hidden Land. At the hot springs, Torkoal reveals that the Hidden Land is a place beyond the oceans, but also a place which only appears to those with sufficient "proof". However, Torkoal does not recall what is needed for such "proof". The next day, however, Torkoal arrives at the Guild Hall with one new recollection - the "proof" is an inscription of a certain pattern - the same pattern found in the Relic Fragment. What is more surprising is that that Wigglytuff and Chatot has also seen the same pattern - found in a distant place called Brine Cave, where bandits had scared the two in an earlier adventure. Nevertheless, the Guild decides to make an expedition to Brine Cave. Meanwhile, the team hears word that Grovyle has taken all the Time Gears, but warns that Dusknoir may also return from the future to hunt them down.

The next day, The Guild (without Wiggytuff) arrives at Brine Cave, where they split up to reach the innermost part, with Chatot following the team. However, partway into the cave, they are ambushed by Team Skull, who steal the Relic Fragment. Though Chatot gives chase and manages to catch them, by the time the team manages to catch up, they find both Team Skull and Chatot severely wounded, due to themselves having been ambushed by Omastar and Kabutops. After dispatching them, the team tend to Chatot. Just then, Wigglytuff and Grovyle arrive, with the rest of the Guild in tow. Wigglytuff is particularly concerned, as Chatot had been severely injured by the Omastar and Kabutops protecting Wigglytuff in their last trip to Brine Cave. Urging the team and Grovyle to continue, the Guild return home to tend to Chatot's wounds. Further in, the team discovers a rock wall pointing out to sea, on which is a wall pattern similar to the one found on the Relic Fragment. When the Relic Fragment is presented, a light shines out towards the sea. Just then, a Lapras arrives. At the same time, back at the Guild, Wigglytuff explains to the Guild the story of how they had previously encountered the pattern on the Relic Fragment: Chatot had been injured by Omastar and Kabutops in protecting Wigglytuff. Though Wigglytuff had fended off the Omastar and Kabutops, he had felt helpless because he could not help Chatot. Just then, Lapras had appeared to help Chatot, on the condition that they not explore the wall pattern further. Back with the team, Lapras, while ferrying the team and Grovyle, explains that she is the gatekeeper to the Hidden Land, a land that exists in a different dimension - within a moment of time. The Hidden Land is as such because Dialga had feared that interference by exploration teams or bad Pokémon could affect the flow of time. Dialga had, however, left one key to entering the Hidden Land, within the Relic Fragment. Wigglytuff had known this, and had realized that the promise to Lapras could not be kept in the interests of saving the world, and thus had set off towards Brine Cave ahead of the Guild to find Lapras. Lapras explained to Wigglytuff then that the Relic Fragment chooses who may visit the Hidden Land, and it had chosen the partner due to the partner's purity of heart. Now, it lies upon the team to explore the land and save the world.

[edit] Saving the World

Arriving at the Hidden Land, Lapras tells them that in order to reach the Temporal Tower, they must take the Rainbow Stoneship, located inside an old ruin. Finding the ruin, the partner is astounded at what they can find - pictures of legendary Pokémon Mew, Kyogre, Groudon, Dialga, and Palkia engraved on the wall. Proceeding further, they find a temple where, at the top, they find the Relic Fragment pattern. The team discovers that the temple itself is the Rainbow Stoneship, and in order for the ship to operate, the Relic Fragment must be slotted in one of the indentations, but before the partner can do so, they are captured by Dusknoir and the Sableye entourage. Dusknoir takes their captives to a nearby Dimensional Hole, but before the team can be put through it, they overwhelm the Sableye, prompting Dusknoir to fight back. The team is able to defeat Dusknoir in battle, but while the partner goes to activate the Rainbow Stoneship, Dusknoir warns that should they succeed in their quest, the Pokémon of the future, including the player and Grovyle, will be erased from existence, from being from a future that will no longer exist. Grovyle admits that this is the case, but that their sacrifice is worth the trouble if it means that the future can be saved. The player accepts this fate, even though the player knows that the partner will not take it as easily as the player or Grovyle.

Meanwhile, the partner succeeds in activating the Rainbow Stoneship, but Dusknoir manages to recover and attack the player before either the player or Grovyle is on board. Just as Dusknoir tries to finish off the player, Grovyle intervenes. In a move of desperation, Grovyle pushes Dusknoir towards the Dimensional Hole, hoping that in his own sacrifice, Grovyle will erase Dusknoir from existence. Dropping the Time Gears, Grovyle pushes Dusknoir and himself through the Dimensional Hole, but not without giving his last goodbye. The partner recovers the Time Gears, and the team proceed on the Rainbow Stoneship, with the player keeping silent to the partner about his/her fate. With a heavy heart, the team head towards Temporal Tower to take on their final mission.

Arriving at the top of Temporal Tower as the tower itself is collapsing, they find a mystical relic with five indentations. Before the partner slots in the Time Gears into the indentations, the team is attacked by none other than Primal Dialga, having just gone berserk. Realizing that there is no reasoning with Primal Dialga, the team prepare to battle it out to the end. After a long battle, Primal Dialga is defeated, and the partner takes the opportunity to install the Time Gears. The earthquakes destroying </gallery>the tower eventually stop, and Dialga is restored back to normal. Dialga quickly uses its powers to restore the world back to normal, though Temporal Tower remains heavily damaged. Dialga explains that the world's paralysis has been prevented with the installation of the Time Gears, and that peace has been restored. Dialga says its thanks to the team, but also warns that the world can only be back to normal in time. Dialga shows the team out of the Temporal Tower, where the Stoneship and Lapras are awaiting them for their ride home.

On the way back, the player feels the effects of being slowly erased from existence. The partner notices this, and wonders what is wrong. The player says his/her goodbyes, regretting that the partner was kept in the dark on the player's situation. The player slowly fades out of existence as the partner makes their tearful goodbye. The partner returns home, crying, but knowing that the player has made the partner stronger. Back home, the partner tells the townsfolk and the guild everything - how they had travelled across the Hidden Land, how Grovyle and the player had sacrificed themselves, and how they had saved the world.

Months have passed since the incident. The damages from time have slowly been healed, and life has returned to normal for most... but not for the partner, still mourning over the player's non-existance. At the beach, the partner is taking a walk, when the partner is reminded of the player and their adventures together, and how now the player is gone - erased from existence. The end credits roll at this point.

After the credits, Dialga feels the partner's sorrow in the distance. Using its powers, Dialga brings the player back to life, as thanks for bringing it back in control. The player reappears at the beach, where the partner and Bidoof are crying, overjoyed to find the player alive.

[edit] Follow-up

As with Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team, there is a follow-up story. Several months after the player was brought back to life, the guild master decides that the team is ready for an exam to qualify for graduation from the guild (apparently only accepting one team a year). They are told to go find the treasure found in Luminous Spring, a place where Pokémon used to go to to evolve, but are also warned to avoid the "grand master of all things bad" who lives there with his minions. Although Loudred is not allowed to speak of the test, having taken it the year before, Ursaring and Teddiursa, two Treasure Town locals, claim of going to the springs before and meeting no such "Grand Master". Upon reaching the springs they run into Ursaring and Teddiursa and conclude that the "Grand Master" does not exist before falling into the lair of the "Grand Master", who turns out to be nothing more than Wigglytuff and the guild members (revealed by a slip up by Bidoof, who continues to deny it till the end). After finding the treasure they return and graduate, finding that the only benefit to be that they can explore on their own and change the group leader, but they still have to give most of their prize money to the guild. Having graduated, the team move their headquarters to Sharpedo Bluff.

Then, Mr. Mime appears in Treasure Town stating the famous explorer Scizor has been missing in a place called the Blizzard Island. The team pays a visit and finds Scizor frozen solid by Froslass. After they rescue Scizor, Scizor gives the team the 'Secret Rank' which the team and everyone else knows nothing about. This rank is used for the 7 dungeons home to the great Seven Treasures.

One day, the player finds Corphish at the guild's intersection, saying to go talk to Sunflora about something. When Sunflora is found on the lower level, she says that there is a land that has recently become possible to enter. This dungeon is called the Surrounded Sea, supposedly home to hundreds of rare treasures brought by the currents that run through it. At the end of Surrounded Sea, there are three Deluxe Boxes and a Wonder Egg. Once the player takes the egg and finishes the dungeon, it will be put in a bed in Sharpedo Bluff. The next morning, the egg hatches into a Manaphy. The team goes to see Chatot, who says that Manaphy are extremely rare. This makes the team take extra good care of it. A day later, the team takes Manaphy for a walk by the beach, which makes baby Manaphy incredibly happy. That night, however, when the team is asleep, Manaphy stays up and longingly stares out at the sea, eventually resorting to go to the shore. When the team finds Manaphy missing in the morning, they run around in a panic, trying to find it. They finally find it at the beach, where it suddenly keels over in the sand. Once the team reports to Chatot, the bird says that Manaphy are really supposed to grow in the ocean. However, Manaphy's current ailment could only be cured by the Phione Dew, located in Miracle Sea. At the end of the dungeon, there are six Phione, who are driven away suddenly by an enraged, treasure-seeking Gyarados. After defeating Gyarados, he runs away, and in their thanks, the Phione give the player the Phione Dew. After Manaphy is cured after a few days of rest, a Pokemon named Walrein is told by Chatot to take care of Manaphy under the sea. With a tearful farewell, Manaphy is taken to its home.

After the player saves Manaphy and reaches the Diamond Rank, Team Charm pays a visit to the guild. Team Charm consists of Lopunny, Medicham, and Gardevoir. This trio is legendary for their rank, which is the Master Rank, and for their style of treasure hunting. A former member, surprisingly, is Wigglytuff. They came because they're stuck on a hunt for treasure because they don't have a key. They ask Wigglytuff and Wigglytuff "claims" that he doesn't have it. But just before everyone thinks Team Charm will leave, Lopunny gives Wigglytuff a Perfect Apple and Wigglytuff finds the key with a big bang from his room. When Team Charm is leaving, everyone asks if they can go to the Aegis Cave, including the team. Lopunny, the leader of Team Charm, agrees and says everyone can go after they open it with the key. The treasure of Aegis Cave is guarded by 3 legendary beings, Regice, Regirock, and Registeel. After defeating them, Team Charm assists the player in fighting Regigigas.

Later, in the player's dreams, Darkrai (disguised as Cresselia) appears in the player's dreams and tells the team that their continued existence is causing a distortion in space. On the night before going to Palkia for an explanation, Palkia itself attacks the team, spiriting them away to its domain, the Spacial Rift. They battle Palkia for answers, but it gets trapped in a nightmare. Darkrai (still disguised as Cresselia) tries to finish off the team using Palkia, but it is stopped by the real Cresselia, who reveals that the first was an imposter by the name of Darkrai. Darkrai reveals itself to be the one distorting space. Although Darkrai invites the team to stop him, Cresselia thinks it is a trap, because normally Darkrai run away when found, doing its work in the shadows and only coming out to finish the job. The team decides to heed Darkrai's call, and Darkrai reveals his plans that by stopping time or space, the world would stop and be covered in darkness, and all Pokémon would share an everlasting nightmare in which Darkrai would rule. In addition to this, Darkrai also reveals that he had been responsible from everything right from the beginning, from the collapse of Temporal Tower to the player's very own transformation. Darkrai lets the team decide if they want to join him ruling the world in darkness. Darkrai makes the player have a vision of the player's partner joining the side of darkness, but it is another nightmare. The player wakes up from it and battles Darkrai and wins, but Darkrai attempts to flee through a Dimensional Hole. However, Palkia arrives and tries to stop Darkrai from leaving by unleashing an attack on it, but instead of destroying Darkrai, it hits the Dimensional Hole and scrambles it. It is stated that the Dimensional Hole that Darkrai traveled to before being hit by Palkia's attack might have caused Darkrai to lose his memory, leaving him alone, lost, and confused. The team returns home, and the partner, narrating their return, thanks his friend for always being with him and believing in him, and decides to keep on exploring, and keep their friendship alive.

After Darkrai is gone, Team Raider (legendary Master Rank team) shows up on the beach after rescuing Dugtrio and Manaphy returns and joins the player's team, telling the team about the Marine Resort. Then, the player and partner can finally evolve after recruiting Palkia in the Spacial Rift.