Jogabonito, was a player who came out of the blue in the middle of the v7 era of the game in 2006. With his determination he became one of the best players in the world of pokemon. There has been many who had doubts about him as people wondered how one who started the game so late could become such a admirable player. As he is quoted saying "Without my friends/companions I wouldnt be anywhere". Jogabonito's character was the root to his success. A well known companion of his would be Karmam based out of Turkey. Many would say that the two of them made a great team as they would help each other out through various strategic tournaments. Many would find Joga in the trades section of the forums trying to work out deals with players and trying to make a name for himself. However occasionally you would find in him in the general chat trying to blow some time chatting with fans. Many look at Jogabonito as a idol nowadays, a role model for new players, some one to live up to. As of today JogaBonito holds the record along side Karmam to be the only v7 player to obtain the Golden Absol trophy (becoming a Top 10 world ranked player). Joga is known to have one of the largest fan populations in the Top 10 trainers being known for his social antics on the chats and forums. Many new players have stated to look up to Joga to be their ro-model in the game. There aren't many out there who could match the level and speed of his progress let alone his win loss ratio. .

What is like in Real Life? Edit

Jogabonito was a 15 year old player by the name of Anderson Petergeorge. He has now applied his rigorous statistical approach to Pokemon to the field of academia. His love for Pokemon began in an early age, as he loved watching the original series like all of us. However he began his online career later on as he was caught up with the classic GBA games of red and blue. He is well known over the forums as the Elite Four Flint, and his ever popular signature of signs made by his "pretty" fans. His name describes himself well, as he knows to be great on the soccer field as well as in battle stadium. Through his vast knowledge of the game he has become the success he is today in the Pokemon world. With his vast knowledge of pokemon types and moves, hes defeated many top trainers and set incredible records.

Tournaments and AwardsEdit

Jogabonito's name hit the record books when he placed 2nd the Canadian Battle Move Tone tournament in 2007 no one was to expect this from a player who just started the game, however Joga's knowledge of Pokemon Types, Moves and most importantly knowing how to use Counter Moves shone through. This started off his road, as people in the Pokemon World were starting to understand who he was and his full capabilities. But this was just the beginning, The Canadian Battle Move Tone only consisted of 15,750 players around Canada, which wasn't enough to grant entrance fee to any international contests/tournaments.

Lucky enough Battle Arena Center (a tournament sponsored by Nintendo) was also only a month away. Unlike the previous tournament, this game was based of the Handlheld game of Pokemon The Contest was simple, as Nintendo had just released Diamond and Pearl a few months back To promote the game contestants had to get as far in the game as possible in the allotted time. Luckily Joga had broken through to place 3rd overall, winning the small Prize of a Nintendo DS along with a copy of Pokemon Pearl. But that wasn't just it,as this tournament was open internationally it bumped Joga into the International rankings placing him 98th in the world breaking the top 100.

Many players would stop here, however this wasn't enough for Joga. Being accepted to the clan PA (Pokeholics Anonymous) showed that it wasn't just luck that brought him this far Learning off some well known names such as U3, Bodolicious, Minikobe, Apollo, and TheFreeze to mention a few. Teaming up with these previous record holders allowed Joga Bonito to place 1st at the annual Online Team Battle contest.

Joga's name became recognized worldwide in the Pokemon universe when he and his clan Pokeholics Anonymous broke the world record speed run of Pokemon Red on the handheld Gameboy with Joga as the front man. This set Joga as the youngest competitive player to not only reach the international landscape in less than a year but to break to Top 25 Trainers in the world.

In 2 years after many small contest,challenges and mainly winning the 2008 S.S Anne tournament and holding the record for beating the Orange Island League it has placed Joga in the position of 6th in the world. If someone were to tell us 2 years ago that a new player was going to get into the top 10 let alone 6th nobody would have believed them. Joga however has have proved us wrong.

Next AppearanceEdit

Last Appearance was at the  Comic Con 2009, as Joga and the rest of the top 10 trainers of the world came together flown in by their sponsor Nintendo.

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