Good Posters is pretty much the only Group on the TC that actually means anything to anyone

It contains many Good Posters

Its creation amongst the chaos of the creation of the new TC created much drama and lulz due to morons whining about not being invited

Being in Good Posters gets you the following perks:

-You get to troll without getting banned
-Your threads will instantly get like 713 posts (Well, not that many but still more than a non-good poster)
-You are justified to use ad hominems and still sound like you are making a rational argument
-You get to decide what is and isn't good for TPPC
-All threads you make are good threads regardless of how bad they are
-You get to be in the committee where we discuss and conspire against certain posters
-You will have a higher chance of winning contests
-When you are banned, an official veteran will appeal your ban
-Mod favoritism will usually lean in your favor
-You can change the ratings of anything whenever you want
-You are allowed to wear casual clothes on days other than Friday
-You can use over 9000 memes in the same post and not be made fun of
-You receive a discount at Nino's Shack

It is also the only funny joke Group currently in existance

If you are not a Good Poster, nobody likes you

Unfortunately, most people are not Good Posters

GP Scientists are working around the clock in an attempt to create some sort of 'Good Poster Potion' which would reverse the effects of bad posting, but results thus far have been minimal