Meaning Edit

1k as a numbers, stands for 1000 and 1024. On TPPC stands for a pokemon at level 1000. Is the basic measurement unit when it comes to value.
But a pokemons worth depends on two factors: rarity and level. The rarity is a delicate subject, that has a separate article. For now we will take care of the level part.

Note: As of v7, the current form of currency is actually level 2499 pokemon

Convertions Edit

There is a easy formula used to calculate a pokemon's worth based on it's level.It connected to it's experience.
(Level*Level*Level) / 1 1k experience points
A level 1000 pokemon, or a 1k has 1000*1000*1000 experience. That is 1 bilion experience points.
A level 1300 for example has 1300*1300*1300 - nearly 2.2 bilion experience points. Devide that to the expericence of a 1k and you get 2.2 1k's.
Here are some easy conversions:
1300 = 2.2 1k's ( is considered 2)
1500 = 3.4 1k's ( is considered 3)
1700 = 4.9 1k's ( is considered 5)
2000 = 8 1k's
2499 = 15.6 1k's ( is considered 16)